Noosa Sound- Blog

Welcome to the Noosa Sound blog, giving potential and existing visitors the latest news and updates on our property. We do our best to maintain and improve Noosa Sound as and when we can to ensure the best possible stays for all of our guests.

Apart from just news on Noosa Sound, this blog will also give a great insight into what you can expect at the property, including the vast array of wildlife spotted at various times of the year! We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and updates that we post.

There is always work to be done and improvements to be made. We are very lucky to be surrounded by the water and a sizeable plot, plus be right next to the River Bure making us a very desirable location to come and visit.

This in turn does create a lot of work. Behind the scenes we have a great team consisting of housekeepers, gardener and carpenter who are always on hand (plus ourselves when we can get to Noosa) to ensure Noosa Sound is always clean and well presented!

We have the problem of having limited time to get into Noosa outside of bookings (which is a good problem to have!) to carry out the works required. Over the past years we have had new additions to the bungalow such as a new kitchen floor and new bathroom.


The weekend was a busy few days here at Noosa Sound. We had a gap between bookings which allowed us to carry out some much needed work on the trees within the grounds. We had a local tree surgeon come in for a day to purely cut where needed whilst 3 of us worked on the ground creating logs and shredding the debris. The shredded tree debris we have spread out across the quay head along the main river, so nothing went to waste! The main works were carried out on the Black Pine which was slowly creeping across to our neighbours boat shed, the Alder trees between us and our next door neighbours and by the kitchen window and lastly the big Willow in the centre of the garden. The willow tree will require some additional work and we also plan to take down the rest of the Alder trees on the boundary to our next door neighbours. We love the trees here at Noosa but it is important to manage them for safety reasons, to ensure minimal loss of light to the garden and house and also to reduce leaf litter across the garden and pathways. This being said, we will always ensure our trees still maintain the unique landscape of Noosa Sound!

Blog Image- Quay Head with No Mooring Signage

The May day bank holiday weekend weather was in our favour and we have been able to complete a job which has been on the to do list for a while now. The main quay head at the end of the garden which is right next to the main River Bure needed a spruce up.

We removed the old wooden structure which ran the whole width of the garden and replaced it with wooden posts to match in with the rest of the posts in the garden. Nautical rope hung through the posts to again tie in with the rest of the garden and of course keep the waterside theme running.

4000 litres of bark has been laid on the pathway to cover the 90ft of quay head which proved to be hard work but well worth it! We have also replaced the “no mooring” signs so they are now a lot clearer and the text colour and fonts match in with the rest of the signage around Noosa.

The finishing touch will be the addition of a new ornate bench to come in the next few weeks.

Blog Image- Geese with goslings on lagoon
Blog Image- Swan with cygnets on lagoon

Spring is well and truly underway now at Noosa Sound and some of the smaller residents have been spotted on the lagoon recently. Cygnets and goslings in quite considerable numbers! They have been known to nest very close to the house but not this year, we believe they have based themselves further along the lagoon. We always like to hear about the wildlife spotted by our guests, so any sightings please let us know with a picture if possible and we can post on here for everyone to see!

Our new Luteyns bench was put in situ this weekend to finish off the quay head improvements started a few weeks ago. We chose a classic designed bench which looks great at the end of the garden, and also provides a perfect spot to sit and look out onto the River Bure.

We would like to welcome our new lady gardener Nicki to the Noosa Sound team. Nicki has recently moved into the village of Horning and has already made a big impression on the garden at Noosa Sound. One of Nicki’s ideas was the herb planter pictured above. A great addition to the garden which sits just outside the front door of the house. Over the next few weeks more herbs will be added for our guests to enjoy. Nicki has begun to work hard on weeding the big flower beds and will ensure during the cutting months, the grass is kept looking smart for our guests to enjoy. Nicki has also already starting to introduce some new plants to the garden with plenty more to come!

Our recent guests at Noosa Sound took this fantastic picture of the property whilst on the Southern Comfort Mississipi Paddle Boat which during the summer months regularly takes huge boat trips along the River Bure. Over the years at Noosa we have seen many a party been had on this boat and always provides great entertainment as they pass! As you can see from the picture, we are so lucky here at Noosa to be so close to the water. It provides fantastic fishing during the season, and also a quiet secluded spot for holidaymakers. Noosa’s garden is looking very smart at the moment as our gardener Nicki has been working hard on it for us for a few hours each week. We are fortunate enough to have a sizeable plot here at Noosa and Nicki’s efforts are certainly paying off already.

For those of you who have not stayed with us, you might not know that here at Noosa Sound we are lucky enough to have our own footbridge over the lagoon taking you to the property. This is very unique in Horning and we love it! As always with wooden structures next to water, it comes a time when maintenance work is required. Over the past couple of weeks, works on our bridge have been taking place. Parts of the bridge have had new “deals” put in place, along with some structural beams underneath and also the levelling of the end of the bridge/beginning of the driveway. We have also had some new wiring laid on the bridge which helps to ensure the surface is not slippery to walk over in the wetter weather.